Thursday, June 26, 2014

God thanks (but no thanks) for Trying to Remind me You're in Control

If there's one thing that women who've been sexually abused as a child hate the most, it's not being in control in their adult life. When females who've suffered this type of traumatic experience often become engulfed in the church clichés passed around with the collection plate (or bowl, or cup, or whatever your church does). 

One of my ex-favorite clichés is that "God is in Control"

I even remember a 1990s Christian hit on the radio playing in my head right now "wa-oh-oh...God-is-in-control!" 

At least that's how I remember the song. Anyway, when women get older -- especially women over 40 who's lives turned out nothing like expect -- might have more of the kind of sentiment I share below:

Nobody who's every been sexually abused wants to feel like someone's controlling them. Is this really the kind of life God wants for sexual abuse victims and survivors? 

I would hope not!

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