Friday, October 18, 2013

One Part of “Free Will” Not Usually Talked About From the Pulpit

I don’t want to sound like a downer when I talk about free will and following God. I’m just trying to share the reality of Christianity that most churches don’t want you to hear.

I remember when I went out street witnessing. I had to give people a reason to want to accept Christ and follow God. Sometimes I believed the message I told to people, and other times it felt like a canned sales speech.

If I had to do it all over again, I’d tell the truth – the complete truth. I would say that I can’t tell you my life has been easier since I’ve turned to God. I still have some of the same problems I always had – losing my temper sometimes, not getting along with family members and feeling like an outsider among peers. I also still struggle with habitual sin.

I also would say I can’t even guarantee that it will make your relationships better nor will I be able to say you’ll never been in need financially. Likewise, it may not mean that you’ll never get sick or your coworkers won’t ever turn against you.

It will also not necessarily ensure that you will meet the man or woman you would marry. In fact, you may not get anything you want out of a relationship with God.

However, He will give you everything you need in different forms – love, friendship, food to eat and a place to live. If you’re being abused and tortured or have been kidnapped, he will give you the comfort you need if you turn to Him. When you’re out of a job he’ll supply the clothes and resources you need to get a new one.

God is always there for you even when you don’t think He is. That much I do know, and that’s one of the only thing that gives me a reason to live right now. It’s the only hope I have left.

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