Thursday, October 17, 2013

5 Lies Churches Tell you to Get You to Follow Them

Churches may have your best interest at heart. However, many times they deceive you. They tell you all kinds of things to get you to “follow God”-- and usually what they mean is they want you to follow them. Watch out, because this kind of love they teach is only conditional.

The Lies They Told Me

  1. “You will get everything you want.”

It's one thing for a church to tell you that you'll be blessed if you follow God. Now that part is true. I've been blessed by God many times and I sometimes forget about that, and I should be more grateful. However, I often got the message that if I go to church and pray and accept Christ as my savior I will get everything I want. I will be blessed. I will be able to get married and have the kind of mate I want. I will have vocational success, my family relationships will improve, I can do anything, I can be anything, etc.

sweet lies - churches

2.    “You won't be in poverty.”

They often made it seem like I'll just suddenly stop being in poverty if I just turn to God. However, it often takes people years and years to achieve financial freedom. It is partly because of their own bad choices. However, it also is because of wrongs committed against them (i.e. emotional problems because of past abuse or theft of their property). You shouldn't give up hope, but don't be too hard on yourself if you haven't yet “made it.”

  1. “Put God first and you'll meet "the one.”

That is a total load of bull. There are a lot of lonely single women out there in their 30s and 40s still waiting around for “Mr. Right.” You what to know why? Just because “the church” told them to wait around to NOT God. Besides, many women became the victims of a broken heart. Oftentimes, the one who dumped them was an immature man who wanted to play the field who doesn't even deserve them. If you’re a single woman, it's not always your fault if a man needs to grow up and didn't want to be with you! And why should you get stuck being alone because of it?

  1. “Your life will be easier.”

They often made it sounds like my car will never break down, I will never get sick, or I could instantly get over being emotionally, sexually, or physically abused. I could do this as long as I was into God. Life was supposed to be easy for me as long as I had enough faith and did what I was told. What a total crock! I believed until I was blue in the face. Following God could stop bad things from happening to good people, but don't expect him to every single time.

  1. You're relationships will be better.”

God gives everyone a free will. One person in the union may want to be closer to God while the other person doesn't. One person may want to change but the other one doesn't. Following God is no guarantee that your relationships will be any better. You might even wind up divorced and have to be a single parent, even if you go to church twice a week.

What Churches Should Really Tell You

They should tell young men and young women that following God is no guarantee that they will ever get married, have a family, etc. They also should warn you that you might have very few friends or you could be a virgin until you are almost 30. They also should tell you that your family could turn against you or that the pain from past abuse may not instantly go away.

Following God is not meant to be a quick fix. If I hadn't been told so many lies about what my life could be like if I were to follow God, I wouldn't be so disappointed and discouraged right now.

Still, There's No Excuse

In the end, I won't blame my shortcomings on poor church teachings, and neither should anyone else. Every single one of us has to be accountable for all our actions on Judgment Day — whenever that day comes. I do, and so do you.

And I’m not saying I’ve arrived. I still make a lot of mistakes and do a lot of things I shouldn’t do. I am also nowhere the witness I used to be before I backslid and started going my own way and drifting away from God.

Still, I know that in spite of wrong church teachings I’m responsible for my own walk with God.

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