Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Only Thing That's Going Right (My Work)

The only thing that's going right at this time is my "job." For the past six months, I've been working for a client who sustained me very well since then. I also enjoy the periodic odd jobs that I do for client when they come up.

I don't recall being happy but one day within the past two years -- not truly happy but just daydream to be happy.

--My grandma died two years ago.
--My dad went MIA with my sisters.
--I finally get a job then other people I live with just party.
--Dad jerks me around when I finally do see my sisters again.
--Dad disappears.
--Obstacles present themself and I pine over the one I can't have.

I don't know how much more stress I can take. I really need resolution for all of this. He wanted my help and I wanted to get him to a hospital. However,  I grew fed up with everyone else being the problem but not him.

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  1. In life happy and unhappy moments come. We all suffers from anyway like physically, mentally, wealthy, socially, etc. If we try to find out the happy moments in bad times and solve the problem like a fighter then we can enjoy ourselves.


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