Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dad Disappeared, Sisters Apparently Safe -- So I Hope

I just found out from a friend of my dad's that my dad disappeared, but that my autistic teenage sisters are in a home in Cadott, Wisconsin. I feel bad that my dad just disappeared, but I anticipated that this might happen even up to 10 years ago already. My twin sisters are supposedly safe, though.

From what I understand, he actually found a home for them and then took off. If that's the case, I'd be totally relieved. All I wanted for him within the past few months was to do is do right by my sisters before he leaves this planet. Until a few years ago, he kept them in school had social workers visit regularly, and scheduled bathing sessions. However, things have changed within the past two years. 

More recently, he refused to let me take him to the hospital even though his health is rapidly depleting -- kept saying he would but repeatedly procrastinated when I offered. He also ran from Social Services out of state several times with the twins. However -- if it's accurate information I received -- I'm glad to find out just today that he finally found a place for my sisters to stay.  

About His Future Plans (Before I Stopped Talking To Him)

He did say I would get them after he dies. However, I have no idea if that's still actually going to happen. There's so many unanswered loose ends concerning that. For one, I have to have enough money to do it. However, I really want to do it otherwise. When I saw him last, I was so tired of him jerking me around when trying to decide where my sisters would go that I left, pissed off and didn't even say goodbye to him. 

Is My Source Telling The Truth About My Dad Gone and My Sisters In A Home?

I just hope the source where I got that info is telling the truth. I don't mention names on these blogs, but I just might at some point if the national media takes my story. I need confirmation that my sisters will reside in a stable home. (I should've picked last night after one of the five times it rang, but I felt afraid of my dad so didn't answer the call.) I hope I get to see them again, too. 

Recap, and Some More Venting: "Who Is My Dad To Judge?" 

A few months ago, I was fuming mad because my dad wanted to lecture me about how children are the hugest blessing. He told me this after saying, "Get your own kids!" He said this to me after he infuriated me and I said to him, "You're trying to control my sisters like you used to try to control me!"

I said that to him after he granted me permission to go for a ride with my sister about 30 minutes away. I drove so much as down the street and then a mile or two to Mc Donald's. He then texted me and demanded that I come back to the house. 

For once in my life I hoped my dad would let me have time alone with my sisters. His longtime friend who now has a new boyfriend always got more time with them than me! I feel so enraged right now! My dad said he wanted me to take care of them when he passes away. Yet, he barely gives me any rights to them now! Who is he to judge? He molested me and practically penetrated me even, and did all this for years! How am I ever supposed to get to know them if I never get to see them anymore?

After my dad gave me a lecture about getting my own kids I screamed, "You treated all your kids like sh*t! A man who sexually abused me for over eight years straight has no right to judge me. I shouldn't have to have kids of my own to know how to take care of them!" 

I will update this post later:

I have actual client work to do right now, so I'll add to this post later. However, I wanted to remember to post this update before I forget. I'm both relieved and pissed at the same time right now. 

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