Sunday, June 16, 2013

Don't Mean To Be Such a Downer But...

I don't mean to be such a downer, but This was the worst Father's Day I ever had. It's because I decided I was done with my dad. I don't know yet for sure but I get the feeling he's a lying manipulative con artist who pretended he was sorry but really never was. Who knows how many other children he molested over the years and I didn't know about it? I wish I had proof though. I wish I knew one way or another if he really never did do anything to any other kid. I hope I was the only one who was his victim. I really do.

Learn From My Story

If you were sexually abused I encourage you to come forward and report it. I did report it, but I never followed through with trying to prosecute. If I had, then I would've felt as though I did all there was to do. Now I don't think I could live with myself if someone else was abused by him.

It's A Very Scary Step I Regret Not Taking

I was having a hard enough time as a younger adult. All I could think about was getting my act together. I just wanted to live a semi-normal life in spite if what he did to me. I wanted to go to college, travel, and make something of myself. I wanted to write and produce my songs and express myself as a way to heal from all the pain and agony. I wanted to eventually get married and have a family.

All My Dreams Are Crushed

Now I'm just trying to find some other purpose for carrying on. I missed out on a lot but I hope other men and women who've been sexually abused get the chance to live a normal life--the one I never had.

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