Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Progressive Alcoholic Story

For years and years I never drank. Then, after about six, I had a few one Fourth of July. Then, I went another two years or so without it.

Then, after my ex fiance dumped me for someone else and then was married only four months later, I drank again. However, I had no idea that my drinking would become such a habit.

From Eight years Ago Until Now

I was tired of trying counseling. I needed a quicker fix. Therefore, I started having a few drinks every once in awhile—maybe once or twice a month. It may have been once a week at the most. It progressively grew worse with me as a habit.

More To My Story

After a long period of breakup depression my dad said, “You're doing better now.”

That's because I got drunk a few times!”

We both laughed. However, it obviously wasn't a laughing matter. I was drinking to get over a break-up.

Less than six months later, I got involved with a man who had similar issues as my ex boyfriend did. He had all kinds of child custody issues pending, and I had no idea the only reason he wasn't drinking when I first met him was because he was court-ordered not to.

When his child custody case was decided, he and I progressively drank more together, despite my objections. I say that because before I was with him I was only an occasional social drinker and then began to do it more and more.

Fast Forward To 2011

My grandma died this July. The day after, I was not in my right mind at all. I decided to visit my downstairs neighbor. We drank together and then hooked up. Two weeks later we moved in together and it was almost like one big drunkfest.

Living With an Alcoholic: What I Learned

I lived with an advanced-stage alcoholic, meaning he was and is truly an addict. Alcoholics who are at the addiction stage need it like most people need food or water. It was hard for me to comprehend that, as to me it became a habit. However, the dividing line for me was between paying rent and buying beer or liquor. For him, I'm not sure if there is a line—just being out of a supply until the next time he could get one.

Me Now

It's easier for me to not drink very much when I'm not around alcohol. I'm probably not completely recovered, but I am not allowed to drink inside the place I'm at. However, I can go outside the premises and drink whenever I want. Lately I have done it less than once a week.

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