Sunday, May 5, 2013

If My Dad Ever Sees This

If my dad ever see This Post I hope he begins to truly understand what he has really done to me as a child. I could have at one point put him in prison if I wanted to, and he's lucky I didn't.

I Do Understand Maybe He's Innocent Now And Not Abusing Any Other Kids Like He Says But...

He also has to remember the years he got off Scott free never even paying nearly as harsh of a penalty for what he had done to me as I did--and I was supposed to be the VICTIM not the perpetrator!

And maybe I'm the wrong person for my dad to talk to about the accusations that were brought against him lately, and maybe I'm tired of feeling like I have to protect men who sexually violate kids. And because of the way my dad treated our family he's lucky I'm even still talking to him.

But...Still...IF He's Innocent...

If he didn't do anything to anyone else and there is no proof he did, then he should be left alone. It's terrible what he did to me but unless I or someone who is a reliable witness actually catches him in the act, there's nothing that can be done and he should just be left alone.

Update 5-18-13

I'm still very conflicted about this, and going through the darkest time I have ever experienced. I'm realizing that my relationship with my dad will never what I hoped it could be. I may have some very tough choices to make.

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