Monday, May 20, 2013

He Saw This and Got Mad, Should I Correct This?

The person I wrote this entry about saw it and got mad. Therefore, I made a tiny correction. I'm not sure if I know this person well enough--even though I lived with him over a year. I don't know for sure if he would actually buy beer instead of pay rent. I really don't.

I just assumed that maybe if no one else was handing him money when he was low, then who knows what he would've done to get his beer? Would he be on the street? I have no idea, though. Therefore, although I don't see how much it matters, I did make this one tiny correction. (He has other major issues, though so part of me thinks, why even apologize? However, I do have to do my part to (hide what I think may be true) and speak the truth as well as I know it to be true. 

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  1. Might be seeing other points of that person can give you a new turning point. Try to just find out positive point of others and learn from it, but if you wish to live with him then think twice on him.


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