Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Why Do People Say the Things They Do??

Sometimes I don't know why people say the things they do. I suppose if they didn't, I would have a reason to be mad and then I wouldn't have motivation to write about it on my blogs, but why???

For instance, I go to put in a mere five dollars worth of gas which is only a little over a gallon's worth these days. The attendant there has the audacity to ask me, "You filling a gas can or something?"

Mind you, this is not the first time I only put that much gas in my car since it's been almost four dollars a gallon. However, it was the first at this station.

I have no idea why she said it. Was it supposed to be some sort of put-down? I swallowed my anger though and just answered, "I just need enough gas to get home."

Then, I came home and wrote about this, just because people just really piss me off. They should really just mind their own business! Who is she to judge?

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