Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Missing Piece of the Faith Puzzle

For many years, I thought I knew what it was really like to have faith. I stood fast believing many things even though circumstances told me differently.

However, just like most other humans, I finally fell. I became so discouraged that I gave up on the possibility that I may actually some day meet “the one.”

I also began to start telling myself that God doesn’t really want me to be happy, or that I wasn’t meant to be able to have a comfortable enough of a living to support myself. I still struggle with this quite a bit now even.

***However, I realized lately a missing piece of the faith puzzle…

Okay, I always new in theory that I shouldn’t blame God for my problems. Still, it wasn’t until lately that it sunk in that God is not the one who tests our faith.

However, that it is by the trying of our faith that we are made stronger. This makes more sense now, and if I can remember it’s not God who puts us under pressure then  maybe I’ll accomplish more in life.

Now maybe instead of saying to God, “please stop trying to test me you know I’m going to fail” and instead proclaim, “Jesus is Lord!”

I have a long ways to go because I have allowed so much hopelessness to overtake me. However, I’m remembering the faith that I used to have and working on growing it.

***Remembering God’s Work in My Life

This can be hard to do because I’m near 40 and some things I prayed for had not come to pass yet. However, God has done miraculous things for me…such as…

~He has saved me from three car accidents that took place within less than a month (2005).

~He gave me a car that now has over 300,000 miles on it that probably will run for quite awhile yet.

~People showed up in my life offering me help right when I needed it, numerous times.

~Time and time again he blessed me with work so I can pay my bills.

~My body is in good health and I rarely go to the hospital.

~I have seen people accept Christ as I shared his message and what he has done in my life.


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