Monday, September 3, 2012

What Labor Day Means to Me

As far as I know, Labor Day is a holiday that celebrates the fight for better working conditions in factories and on assembly lines. If I remember right, it is a day that also celebrates many aspects of work and employment, and it is a day set aside to remember how hard children sometimes used to work.

I believe this is a day that retired people can celebrate, too. Disabled individuals who also work very hard can take credit on this day for all their hard work.

An Aside

I believe it is the elderly and disabled people of this country that worked far more diligently than I ever did. They actually know the true meaning of "put the nose to the grindstone" which now is just a figure of speech.

People take their easier lives for granted-unless they do are the ones that are out there performing hard physical labor or currently involved in very demanding mind-challenging roles. In any case, we all should remember the work ethic of past generations and follow suit because they worked hard. Still, there also is a time for rest and that is one other reason for the Labor Day holiday.

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