Thursday, September 27, 2012

At Last Some Light On This Road!

Original Event Time: Approximately 7:45 to 8:15 A.M.

I leave work every morning before the sun even comes up. It's usually very dark except where there is street lamps.

On the way home from work usually it's lighter out, and on a morning like this I think, at last some light on this road.

However, this morning I'm just not talking about the fact that the sun just came up. In fact, that happened just about an hour ago already.

In addition to the pleasant autumn sunrise, I'm referring to the location where I got a flat tire. Now, before I continue, I'll tell you the only reason I'm not too upset about the flat tire is I bought a spare two weeks ago.

I also bought a jack. Thank God for that, but now...whoa! The traffic on this highway is really zipping by. I'm a little bit too scared to get out of my car. I think I'll call the police.

"Hi, I didn't know if I should call this number or 911. It's not a big deal but I just got a flat tire. I know how to change it but I'm too scared to get out of the car," I say to the dispatcher (and I happened to have the Howard Public Safety number in my phone).

Then, I explain my whereabouts, which is 41 southbound just a mile or two past the Lineville Road exit in Howard.

Now I just sit and wait a few minutes for the cops to show up. He says to me, "We have a free service in the construction zone." He further explains that the state has a grant to pay for changing of flat tires, towing, or gas refills in the construction zones.

Now the service person shows up and explains that I could even get a ride to the nearest park and ride if I ever break down. All at this point I can think of to say is "Sweet!" I was so completely enthralled by this, and I say, "Thank God because I didn't even get a chance to by AAA (or other roadside assistance coverage) yet."

I Needed This Hope!

My life has always been one long string of dramatic events tied together-so it seems. I really needed this little bit of light and hope to remind me that God is really looking out for me. I just hope I have more good moments like this to cherish again soon.

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