Sunday, September 2, 2012

Alone on Labor Day?

When I'm home alone for a holiday such as Labor Day, I wonder how many other people are alone today too. Actually, it's right now it's Sunday evening of Labor Day Weekend and I didn't spend the entire weekend alone, but tonight I am.

Most holidays seem to be centered on the family and children. The main focus of this weekend is to celebrate the fight for workers' rights, and it is one more national holiday that includes activities for the young ones. Yet, here I am alone tonight, and wonder how many others are lonely just like me.

I used to be around children more back in the day. I was engaged to a guy who has a child and I love her like she was my own-still do but I don't get to see her much any more.

I used to use my holidays to volunteer for any community outreach that involved children. However, I lately realized my main motive was to get a taste of what it's like to be a mother-something I may never be.

I have family and friends around me. However, sometimes I still feel so alone-an awful void in my heart that comes from the possibility of never having a child of my own.

However, I have to remember the senior citizens and disabled on Labor Day or any other occasion that has become a family holiday. I can accompany them, and then none of us that gather together will ever feel alone again.

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