Thursday, November 3, 2011

Single-Mindedness Service: Ways to give of your Time Wisely

Being single does not mean you need to feel sorry for yourself. You can find plenty of ways to be of a help or service to others.
If you are not sure how you can be of service to others take a quick mental inventory of the types of thinks you like to do. In fact, you can even write a list of those things down. 

Perhaps you like children. If so, most communities have countless opportunities available for you to reach in and help them. For instance, you can be a clown at a non-profit community event or church gathering. You could also arrange your own puppet show in the part.

If you always had a heart for homeless people you can cook a meal for them. Another way you can serve the homeless community is to join in on a neighborhood housing project in order to see to it that they have a better future. Another option would be to bake a meal for an ill person who is confined to the home.

You can also give in ways that other people would neglect. For instance, you are giving of yourself when you see a piece of litter on the street and you pick it up and through it in a trash can. Likewise, you might even consider offering housekeeping services to a very busy volunteer center office that cannot afford to hire outside help.

Other ways you can reach out and help is to offer your professional services for a free or reduced rate. For instance, perhaps you are a lawyer and you can help defend a client going through a custody battle by offering bro bono services. Another option would be to perform office duties at a local cancer center.

You may also even consider reaching out to other singles. You can organize local social events such as Christmas dances, picnics, or hiking trips. Who knows? You may even meet someone in the process or while involved in any of the activities mentioned in this article.  

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