Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Do you Think We Should Have a “Single’s Day” as a National Celebration (a.k.a. holiday)

I don’t know if there is such a thing as “Single’s Day” but if not I want to spread the word to make it happen. It is not a religion or a spirituality thing per se although after about five blogs I could see how it would turn into that.

Maybe subconsciously I really don’t want to get married and instead I want to promote a societal shift towards single-ness. Not everyone will go for it so the earth would still be repopulated, but it could serve as a healthier form of population control that would not lead to aids.

Perhaps “Single’s Day” could be the next national holiday declared. Although I know I would prefer to call it a “celebration day” because “holiday” implies that it is a “holy day” which are days usually set aside for God.

But, on the other hand, God could definitely be praised on “Single’s Day” and help keep it a safe celebration.

Do you think we should have a "National Single's Day?" Or how about an "International Single's Day?" What do you think? Please comment below. 

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