Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Practical State of State of Single-mindedness

I have mentioned in another blog entry that that being single won’t get you to heaven. Rather, there is a practical way to enjoy being single, and a productive way to be single-minded.

One of the most obvious examples of practical single-mindedness is the hard-working executive woman. Often she yearns for a home and a family yet she also enjoys sitting in a conference room along with other well-dressed men and women.

The single man also can enjoy a practical state of single-mindedness as well.

Sure, we all know he is a person driven to succeed, and that often money is not an obstacle to building a happy home. It may just be that he enjoys part-time romantic company by firelight knowing that he is not obligated to stay with her for the rest of his life.

Both single men and women can take the time to climb the social and corporate ladders at will when they are single. Although work is not everything, no one cannot help but feel elation at even the littlest milestone of corporate success. 

This is one type of practical single-mindedness that serves a purpose. Of course, there also is the time you can spend doing good for others, such as serving meals at the homeless shelter. Whatever you do with your free time as a single person is meaningful, and don't let anyone who isn't single tell you otherwise!

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