Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's Okay if He's Not that Into You-If you are Okay with That

I figure it is okay if a man is not that into you if you are okay with that. I mean, if you don't really hope for true love to come along any more what could be so bad about shacking up with a nice man who is willing to take care of you and to have your child.

If a woman is okay with never being married they can use the fact that a guy doesn't love them to their advantage. Many women just think "Oh well, he doesn't love me. Maybe I don't really love him either, so why not just shack up with him. At least he is willing to give me a child."

In the worse case scenario he might end up being a child molester. In the second-worse scenario he might be a bad father and not love the child at all. (Even if he has other kids, because he already had his chance at true love and I am just "there.")

Anyway, as I am learning there is no substitute for true love. No matter how I try to pretend it doesn't matter it does. The only way that I could shack up with a man and have his child without romance is to take his sperm and put in in a test tube and have it shot up into me asexually.


When you decide you deserve better, Dump that Jerk who takes you for granted or throws you away like trash.

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