Sunday, October 30, 2011

I remember reading a book once when I was younger. In this book it said not to "spiritualize" your singleness. I thought about that for a long time, and to say honestly I agree.

Believe me...with all the marriages that have failed and that are failing...I definitely agree with that aspect. In fact, a single person who has more going for them will appear more attractive. However, there is one thing that I have not done and will refuse to do since I was in my early 20s.

I will not "spiritualize" my single-ness. What that means is that I am no longer going to just say....

"Oh I am just sitting back and waiting for that right one." Even if that is the major reason why I am not married, I am not going to announce that to everyone.

I am not going to spread around how supposedly proud I am to be single because being single is such as gift. It is true it is a gift, but going around boasting unnecessarily about it would be like the Pharisees who announce how good they are because they fast and pray in public.

Instead, I am just going to continue to better myself with the hope in mind that I will have that person I desire. I truly enjoy being single but believe me it is not a religion, and not for spiritual reasons. I just admit I am not ready for marriage, and am not ashamed to admit that!

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