Saturday, October 15, 2011

Envy, Bone Cancer, and the Status Quo

Original post date: 6/4/2008 (moved from Dump that Jerk)

I am by no means living the perfect Christian life right now. You can probably tell that by this very blog I have created.

However, I do know that the Bible does say in Proverbs that jealousy (envy actually) rots your bones. Wow! That is serious business. 

For example, if hate some of my so-called female friends because they are married, prettier than me, or have more money than me...I could get bone cancer! That's how I interpret it.

Gosh, what a wake-up call. But I gotta get it out somehow. I am ashamed of it. I don't want to envy my friends but COME ON. Sometimes I simply cannot think of one asset I have that they don't have.

I mean, if they are the one with the serious relationships and not me perhaps there really is something wrong with me. I have grown tired of thinking but I am more outgoing than Jane or I don't do drugs link Susan.

It gets exasperating always trying to compare myself to others-just to come up with reasons why my man would not leave me for them (other than the fact they are not single). Also, it would just be nice to know that I am exceptional just as I am, and worthy to a man.

Why can't I just be worthy to a man? Gosh now I sound desperate. Not, not exactly. I am actually quite old-fashioned. I believe that if a woman calls a man more often than she calls him she is settling for second best.

So, that is how I can prevent from having bone cancer. I keep telling myself even at my age it's because I don't want to settle. Sometimes I wonder if it is worth the societal ridicule, though.

Maybe I should drown myself in the waters of an unfulfilled, unsatisfying relationship with a controlling self-absorbed man like most of my friends do. Then and only then will I have true social status-even if it is the 21st century. Nothing ever changes.

Or does it? We do not have to settle for second best. It just takes believing in ourselves free from envy of other women.

You should be with a man that encourages you, and makes you feel beautiful. If he doesn't, Dump that Jerk. You want someone who likes you for who you are, not someone always looking for someone better.

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