Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Either True Love or Travel

Originally written: 3/2008 Revised: 10/2008

To me, the ideal relationship is one of which myself and the other person actually communicate with one another. On other thing I want is to be in a situation in which we don't live two separate lives, and where we actually know each other.

I want to be in the kind of relationship where the two people actually know they love each other. I also want to be in a situation where I know he and I are together because we want to be together. Part of that desired includes the opportunity to settle down and raise a family, but first and foremost we have to know we want to be together.

Its either all of that or...If I can't find true love I want to be able to have enough money to take extended travel excursions. I wanted to see the world and to write about it. I also wanted to take photo shoots, like they do for National Geographic.

Right now I have neither the relationship or the career, and I wish I had at least one of those two things. Other than that, I am find with my life the way it is.

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