Friday, October 28, 2011

Being Single Won't Get You To Heaven

There is something to be said to be content as a single person, but there is no need to make a religion out of it. Being single is not a ticket to heaven, but rather just a way of life here on earth that many people choose to live.

There doesn’t have to be some great mystical reason of the universe or some Divine reason why some people are single. 

It could be that God has not brought them the “right” person yet or it could be simply that they prefer to live alone and to have the freedom to make their own decisions.  Being single can be a gift, depending upon whether a person likes to be alone or not.

However, there is no need to “insist” that being single is the “right” way to go because every person on this earth has different needs.  As I said earlier, being single will not get you to heaven.

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