Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why I don’t Like Getting Help

I don’t really like to get help from people. I know most people do not but I really don’t. There is a real reason for it though.

In my case, I try to accept help from people and I even say “Thank you.” But then if I don’t feel like I need the help I try to politely refuse and/or tell people in a nice way it is not necessary.

However, sometimes people just do not listen to me. They proceed to try to help me anyway. Then, all of the sudden they resent me if they are going out of their way to help me and still nothing is changed.

My Response to That

I tried to explain to one person that the more someone tries to help me the worse I feel. The more a person does for me the worse I feel. The reason why is because the feeling of helplessness is linked to past traumas.

If I cannot help myself then who will? I feel like I really need to be able to help myself because if I don’t then I may have to once again endure the abuse and trauma I endured at one time in my life.

I just want to be Respected

I don’t mind actually receiving a little bit of help, whether it be from a parent, friend, teacher, counselor, or manager. However, there is a point at which it becomes excessive.

If I was a person who was incapacitated, could not go to the bathroom on my own, couldn’t see, was deaf, or had a number of other problems like that I might need more help than I do.

However, what people do not realize is that there are actually people who have survived abuse and have went on to life at least semi-normal and healthy lives. I figure if they can do it so can I.

And by the way, regarding physical, mental, or emotional disabilities…

There are people with all kinds of disabilities and limitations that actually go on to make millions of dollars a year. Of course, money is not everything and there are some rich people who have been suicidal and even successfully ended their own lives, but still.

The point I am trying to make is that having some kind of physical disability is not always limiting. I mean, a person might have some kind of immediate limitation.

For instance, that individual might not be able to take on certain tasks or they might not be able to care for themselves the way other people do. It could be that or their stress level is not quite as high as others.

However, in the right environment that is supportive enough I think anyone can succeed. Of course, there also is the person within you that matters. If a person truly believes he or she has the capability of succeeding then he or she really can.

It really does not necessarily matter the age or the disabilities that a person has. All that matters is that a person follows his or own heart and remains dedicated to whatever cause is pursued.

However, just because you are being told that you can put your mind to doing anything you want does not always mean you will. It is part being able to believe in your self but it also is a matter of destiny.

Further Explanation: About Destiny

Sometimes opportunities are really just destiny. This is not only true career-wise but it is also true as far as when one relationship ends and then later on another one starts.

You might be capable of more than you think, but it just sometimes may not be your place. However, if you are like me and you have gone years and years without really knowing what your true potentially really is do not give up.

You will eventually find your place. You will eventually know in your heart what it is you were meant on this earth to do.

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