Sunday, March 27, 2011

Psychological Effects of the Recession

Although I graduated high school and finished two years of college I am neither a genius nor a physiological expert. I just tell things like they are from my own personal experience.

When it comes to the current recession as pertaining to money problems it can affect a person in every single way, including physically and physiologically. At some point I wouldn’t mind doing a more scholarly article on this subject.

For now, I just am speaking from my own observations. I am mostly focusing on the physiological versus the physical aspects of not feeling adequate and not feeling independent.

That Helpless Feeling

The average person who is ordinarily a hard worker can have a low self-esteem if he or she makes barely enough money to pay for living expenses. That person who is an excellent, highly-qualified worker also notices a rapidly-plummeting feeling of self-worth unwilling to meet basic needs.

This is true both for the person who has recently gotten fired from a middle management position due to company cutbacks as well as it is true for the low-level employee. No matter what position in life a person has held in the past anyone can at some point experience that helpless feeling.

That Useless Feeling

Some people who are ordinarily very hard workers might experience feelings of uselessness, of not feeling very valuable to the world. They may have worked all their lives and maybe do not have a perfect track record but were most of the time at least able to hold down a job.

Sometimes if they are out of work due to a bad economy or recession they might feel so useless, not to mention worthless. This can trickle down into every area of their lives.

A Common Misconception

There might be a huge misunderstanding about people who are out of work right now. Being unemployed is tied to such stigma, such as the person must be lazy or the person must just be a loser or a failure.

However, nothing could be further from the truth. Right now an astounding and bewildering number of people are currently unemployed or under-employed. Some of these individuals are business owners while others of these persons are regular payroll employees.

Have some Compassion, but Not too Much!

People who have always had a stable job and who have always been able to support themselves just do not sometimes understand. Those people are not better than the rest, but rather in some ways just lucky-lucky they even still have their jobs.

For the rest of the world who is in serious trouble right now they are even lucky if they have an income at all right now. And if they don’t they should not be looked down upon as though they are horrible human beings who cannot do anything write.

On the other hand, people who are out of work have a hard time because they are used to being so independent. They are used to being more able to take care of themselves.

It can be hard for anyone who has always supported him or herself to the best of his or her ability. It can be difficult because all of the sudden they cannot do what they have done in the past.

For the Unemployed: Don’t Give Up!

If you are out of work right now do not give up. It does not mean that you are a has-been. In fact, you might be in the running for a brand new opportunity up ahead. Try not to focus on the current circumstances because right now these are only temporary.

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