Monday, November 22, 2010

My Politician-Style Public Apology

**This is what I call my "Politician-Style Public Apology..."

Life can be frustrating sometimes and people need an outlet in which to vent. Musicians, artists, and writers are no exception. In fact, they probably need the most venting but they are often too poor to afford decent counseling. So they vent through their art.

And I myself have been really trying to find that fine line between holding my tongue and saying what needs to be said. I don't use names on this blog but the people who know me know who they are. This of course can cause some embarrassment though no one else in the world knows who they are except for me and that person and perhaps at the very most the handful of people closest to them.

**Thus, as I said, this is my Politician-Style Public Apology

This apology is presented in two parts."Part 1"pertains specifically to romantic or potentially romantic relationships.**"Part 2" pertains to anyone else including family members and friends who would read this and wonder why I am doing this.

~~"Part 1"~~

I should just state that the truth is the guys are not always the jerks in my relationships. Sometimes I can be a female jerk myself. If I am venting about past relationships it usually is done in the vein of charting my course-in other words a journey to figure out more about me and what can be done better in a future relationship.

I never intend in the process to hurt anyone I care about or used to care about alot in the process. At least I didn't mean to hurt then too much but perhaps the reactions I am getting helps me know if what I say even makes an impact in the first place.

**A Brief Word about My Own Relationship History

I just think that for me personally me being unsure myself and pairing up with other individuals who are also in some ways unsure of their selves is what causes the most problem. This I think it what causes arguments in what could otherwise be very good relationships.

**As far as Blame in Relationships related to my Public Apology

I would say perhaps in my failed relationships the blame shifts from about 50/50 to 30/70 as far as percentages of whose fault it is that it didn't work out. There are times when it is more the guy's fault and there are times when it is more my fault it didn't work out.

I am saying this because in putting myself out there while dealing with relationship issues I realize I have to accept at least partial responsibility for failed relationships. And this concludes my public apology, as I say these closing words: I am sorry to those I've hurt in the past.

~~Part 2~~

This is just a general apology that applies to hurts and pains and mistakes I have causes other people. This could be people in my family as well as within friendship circles. I mainly apologize for being so judgmental in the past to people who truly did care about me.

I am sorry to the people who were decent, honest friends that I took for granted. As I work through my own hurts and come to my own resolutions I would hope that those around me would find it in their hearts to also
forgive me.

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