Friday, November 19, 2010

Make it Stop!!! (The Racing Thoughts)

Sometimes I get all these racing thoughts and this goes on for day and weeks. Sometimes it just doesn't STOP! God please make it stop! As it turns out I often get filled with all this stuff I gotta say and it seems like I gotta say it right now or my head and heart will both explode.
I hate to make this public but it could possibly be because I have been plagued with the gift of prophecy. I guess I would consider myself a prophet in training. Well for me most of the time I will just feel the need to say something to someone and it might be said not even knowing what is going on in that person's life.
It has happened so many times. But I am going to refrain from trying to send people e-mails any more. Not unless it is too personal to put up on my blogs. Some people would way what I put up is too personal anyway.
See, you are supposed to watch what you say online. I agree with that. I border on pushing my luck every time I put up a blog post. I border on the chance of getting at least one person who has ever cared about me (ex boyfriend, family member, friend, or all of the above).
But it's still happening. I am trying to get my work done and my brain just won't calm down. It's like I could write for days and my head and heart would still feel like it's got stuff to say. But I gotta get my work done so brain just STOP!! Just STOP for one minute!!

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