Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Brief Word about Lifestyle Choices II

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A Brief Word about Lifestyle Choices II

I did not mean to send "A Brief Word about Lifestyle Choices" off into cyber space so quickly. That's what I get from blogging directly by e-mail. This section is a continuation of where I left off in the first part of this entry.

I left off talking about how I have met all kinds of different people in my lifetime in the past 20+ years. I have observed their lifestyles and even questioned myself the type of lifestyle that would be right for me.

Why am I being so open about this?

It is mainly because up an coming is an increasing number of confused people. There will be even more confused people in the generations to come, say perhaps even within the next few decades.

I myself NEVER in all my years alive think that I would have gone through as much of a period of confusion myself as I have. However, I had. And now I am speaking out to the other people out there just to let them know I understand.

Do I have the answers?

I do not want to give you the answers because I believe that no matter what people tell you the answer has to come from within you and that voice called your conscience. For most people this is where God would speak.

Although, I should tell you that I am not using these blogs to preach to people. So, if anyone thinks I am that is not my role on this earth.

My role on this earth rather is to just share my experiences from my heart and however it impacts another I cannot control. I am hoping to encourage people to come to a conclusion about right and wrong. But I do not want to preach to people.

I have no interest in preaching to people because there are enough churches, preachers, Bibles, parents, and so on telling you what to do already. I am speaking merely from a human point of view and chronicling my own personal experiences.

Some Insight

Life is a never-ending journey, and people are fluid and people are constantly changing. Every time they meet new people they are exposed to new ideas and new ways of living. This has an effect on what someone already currently believes, whether they want to admit it or not or whether they mean to allow it or not.

Usually the effect is to draw closer to what they already believe or to decide that what they believe is NOT the truth. In other words, a person's experiences either help confirm or deny what they always believed.

What is Confirmed for Me

From my life experiences one thing is confirmed over and over again. That is, the existence of a supernatural power. There is one of evil and one of good. I also am convince of the presence of miniature good supernatural powers and miniature evil supernatural powers.

These forces of good and evil are everywhere working against one another. What is confirmed in my life though is that even though temporarily it seems that evil wins over I truly believe that ultimately good will always prevail over evil.

So, for me whatever my faith is in it is confirmed, and not denied.

What on earth am I talking about?

To be honest, I have no idea right now. I just remember in high school a writing teacher taught me our class about a certain type of writing. It is called 'writing to discover oneself.' Now, I realize that normally people do this sort of thing in private.

That way, if they write about something they do not want all over the Internet it is not too late to take it back. However, as open as I try to be on the Internet you would be shocked what is in my private journals. LOL

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